Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Well the house move is over and we've spent the weekend re-erecting the cubby house. I then decided as we hadn't gotten around to staining it yet, that I would do that! LOL It was a bigger job than I expected and I had to go back to Bunnings three times for more stain! But it's finished! Phew! Here's the end result!
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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

New Stuff!

What a week! I was lucky enough to receive a delivery of some new items I ordered from the NEW 2007/08 Catty! And so I spent the rest of the evenings last week playing! I had a little launch party for my regular customers on Sunday and I had a ball! Here's some of the girls hard at work:
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I'll take photos of the projects and post them over the next couple of days. This week is going to be mad. The house we bought settles on Friday and so on Saturday we start moving! Hopefully it'll all be over quickly and painlessly!

Must be off to bed, as it's far too late to be awake and the kids are back to school tomorrow! (and I have to get up and make lunches and do the mad dash to school again.